Tolma Festival

The festival takes place at Sardarapat Memorial. The fragrance in the air at the Sardarapat Memorial heralds the opening of the festival of the traditional Armenian dish – tolma. Tolma is made of ground beef, lamb and spices wrapped in grape leaves.
Chefs in white caps enthusiastically explain to visitors the various methods of cooking tolma before treating them to delicious meatballs wrapped in grape and other leaves.
The tastes of different tolmas is different reflecting the methods of preparations and ingredients used in different areas – Artamet, Alashkert, Echmiadzin, Mush, and others. Among the novelties is the tonir tolma. Besides the tolma fragrance visitors at the tolma festival venue in Sardarapat, some 40 kilometers west of Armenian capital Yerevan, can also listen to Armenian folk songs and watch national dances, and why not, dance kochari themselves.