Mount Ara (2577m)

Level of difficulty- Challenging

Mount Ara (2577m) is in the Kotayq region between Hrazdan and Kasagh rivers. It is completely covered by greenery. When looking towards the mountain from the perspective of the south or north, it appears as if someone is lying down along the length of it, the typical Armenian nose protruding from the left- or right-most end, depending on what side you are on. The mountain was called after Armenian King Ara Geghetsik. According to the legend during the war against Assyrian queen Shammuramat King Ara arranged his army at the foot of mount Ara, and the queen-on the slope of Hatis. Unfortunately the king fell in the battle and the mountain is said to be the body of Ara.

On the mountain there is also a cave called Kuys Varvara’s (Varvara virgin) shrine with saint’s tomb, altar, ferns, and candle vendors.

From the top of the mountain You can admire the beauty of Biblical mount Ararat and the highest peak of Armenia- mount Aragats. Don’t miss your chance !!!